Wednesday, January 17, 2018

assignment 2 animal rock concert

Attached are the guidelines  for this assignment. You don't need to paint this image @ 600 dpi (I would suggest 150 dpi) and the size is 16.5 x 11.5 horizontal.

The main focus of this assignment is to give animals human expressions and emotions. You should put at a minimum 3 animals in the band. You can add a lot of humanity to animals by adding eyebrows and manipulating the mouth and hands. The Liquify tool can help a lot when using photos of animals to make good characters. This assignment is due Monday Jan. 29

Monday, January 8, 2018

assignment #1

This will be a basic get your feet wet assignment. From the website pick an archived topic from Dec 2017 and illustrate it. The format will be 8h x 11w @ 150 dpi. This assignment will be due in one week from today (Jan 15).

Digital Painting 2 Spring 2018 Syllabus

Digital Painting 2 Spring 2018 Syllabus

1. 12-14 paintings will be our goal for the semester (roughly one a week).
    a. We will work primarily in Photoshop. Feel free to to use tablets or laptops from home.
2. Paintings due on Monday BEFORE class.
3. Send finished assignments (Jpegs @72 dpi) to my personal email
4. Critiques will be on Mondays. You will be asked to help critique so be ready.
5. Grading will be based on attendance, participation in class and effort toward the assignments.
  a. 4 absences will be allowed however 5 will will earn an F.
  b. Every 2 late assignments will cost 1/3 letter grade (A to A-)  Every missing assignment will cost 6.        1/3 letter grade.
6. Mondays will be critiques and demos, Wednesdays will be one on one help with the current